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Steps To Get The Dental Work In Mexico

dwimecoHow to get dental implants in Mexico? This question is asked by the people and only few are able to get the access to the dentist in Mexico because of lack of information and proper guide. If you are looking for the same thing that how to get dental implants in Mexico then it is very important to get the complete information first and then go for it. If you are living in America or Canada then it is very important to travel by yourself or by airways to …

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Take A Snoring Mouth Guard With You

guard-with-caseA snoring mouth guard can go with you wherever you go. That is the beauty of it. It is like packing your toothbrush and night clothes as the snoring mouth guard will hardly occupy any space at all. Moreover, it is not something you are likely to forget when you put it together with your other things that get taken out at night or before going to bed. It is not as if you are likely to forget brushing your teeth. Similarly, it is not likely that you will …

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Ungaro Was A Major Innovator In Paris

parsEmanuel Ungaro wowed them in Paris Tuesday morning and firmly established the INTERNATIONAL ETHNIC as the new fashion direction.

Ungaro, along with Lacroix, is the leader of this nomadic movement. Ungaro does it with romance and wearability. Lacroix’s gypsies are happy, uninhibited and a little eccentric.

Today the Yves Saint Laurent collection promises to drive the point home with everything from Tartans to Tartars.

These are not peasant looks, but rather rich reflections of folkloric ideas. They’re also not costumes but modern, spirited clothes.

“This is clearly the …

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JC Penney – Still The Department Store Of The Future??

dsotfJ.C. Penney Co., Inc. just may be the department store of the future.

At a time when many traditional department stores are plagued by debt loads, debilitating promotional activity and shrinking margins, the people at Penney’s are intensifying their drive to refine women’s fashion merchandising and store appearance.

The multifaceted effort includes renovating the apparel departments in about 500 metropolitan stores, developing in-store shops, appointing a new overseer to improve private-label fashion merchandising, reorganizing duties among its top executives, and strengthening its national brands.

Private label generally accounts for …

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Women More Active Than Ever, And Fashion Shows It

wmateThe women’s activewear business is on an upswing, according to manufacturers and buyers at the Super Show here last week.

Observers cited two reasons: More women are interested in physical fitness, and the fashion and styles available in the market now – particularly those in vibrant colors – have made activewear more popular.

Retailers said they are excited about this development, and many plan to increase their inventories and sales of women’s activewear this year. Suppliers are looking at it as either a growing market or a new …

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Underwear Isn’t Just A Blah Category

uijabcWhen underwear was no longer in the cards at Kentucky Textiles, Inc., two activewear lines, called Laps and Sloppy Joes, sprang up within a year of each other as replacements for a longstanding business. Today, the two lines are racking up a combined volume of $30 million a year.

In October 1981, Wayne Shumate, chief executive officer of Kentucky Textiles, of Paris, Ky., sold his interest in Jockey brand men’s underwear back to Jockey International. Since shortly after Kentucky Textiles was founded, in the mid-Forties, it had been …

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Marketing Management: A Story In Failure

mktmtMarketing Management Group, a marketing consultant company specializing in SA companies, will soon be able to back up its advice with cash.

The company, which has been providing top management with marketing and investment strategies for three-and-a-half years, will, by the summer, be able to back up its advice with cash infusions of up to $400,000 through a newly created company, Seventh Avenue Capital, Inc.

Seventh Avenue is a federally licensed Small Business Investment Corp. formed last September to further assist Marketing Management in helping successful small and medium-size …

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VAT As An Idea Survives, If Barely

vatiTalk about establishing a Value Added Tax continues to circulate in the corridors of Washington, but the idea still gets a thumbs down from the administration.

John Taylor, one of the three members of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors, has a lot of positive things to say about creation of a VAT, a revenue-raising machine long anathema to administration conservatives – but it’s all conceptual. As a practical matter, Taylor negates the idea.

A VAT would boost the nation’s perilously low savings rate, which forces the government …

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Designers Keep An Eye On Rates

dgkaeoBankers serving the apparel industry think that knowledge of the industry is the customer’s top priority in choosing a bank, and the banks serving the industry contend they have that knowledge.

This is followed by quality of service, speedy information, continuity of lending personnel, promptness and accuracy of execution, consistency in making credit decisions and the availability of state-of-the-art systems for letters of credit and cash management.

Surprisingly, most bankers put the rates charged on loans lower down on the apparel industry’s list of services provided.

Says Marian G. …

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Apparel Manufacturers Have A Tough Time Finding Financing

amcKnowledge of the industry is high on apparel manufacturers‘ lists of what they require from their banks, but that knowledge is not always easy to find, they said.

In checking with financial executives of major apparel firms on what they were looking for in a bank, the most popular answers were:

* Knowledge of the apparel industry.

* Deep pockets and financial flexibility.

* Quick and responsive service.

* Long-standing relationships.

* Competitive rates.

Anthony M. Pisano, chief financial officer of Bernard Chaus, Inc., said his first concern …

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